You’ve found the home you want

It may be the biggest investment you’ve ever made. How can you be sure there aren’t potentially serious unknown deficiencies?

There is no perfect home, all have their share of problems at some time. Having your home professionally inspected by Pro-Inspexx Services will give you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision before you buy.

Peter Elliott, owner of Pro-Inspexx Services ”When choosing an inspector, make sure he/she has the training to inspect homes specifically. Ask the right questions, ensure that they are members of the AIBQ or CAHPI and their membership is up to date. As a consumer, you have the right to ask for references, sample reports. Proof of insurance, whatever it takes to alleviate your concerns about your home inspector”.

At Pro-Inspexx Services, we realize that buying or selling a home can be stressful and may be confusing. Let us take some of this pressure away by documenting the current condition of the home that you want to be the owner of. There is a full review on a laptop of the pictures taken of the visible defects. You will leave with a good understanding of what faults were detected during the inspection. The written report arrives by e-mail within 48 hours from the date the inspection was performed

Contact Pro-Inspexx Services to make your appointment. We will always handle your phone call in a personable and friendly manner and we look forward to speaking with you.