About Pro-Inspexx Services

Pro-Inspexx Services was established by Peter Elliott in 2006 after four years spent inspecting homes and training the inspectors for a franchised inspection company. He felt it was time to move away from the constraints of a franchise operation where for the most part, the franchisees are not inspectors themselves but simply for profit businessmen.“This is a profession to me, not just a business. That attitude is not prevalent in franchise operations.”

His background as a foundation repair contractor for 25 years stood him in good stead to begin inspecting homes.“I never stop upgrading my skill set through the multitude of courses offered through the AIBQ”.

Peter also attends the National Conference of The Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI) every year that has taken him from Calgary to Halifax. “The conferences are a great opportunity to hear from experts in the various fields on the latest problems, repairs and innovations. This allows me to better service my clients by staying current and increasing my knowledge base.”

His business grew to the point where the demand for his services outstripped the hours in a day. “I wanted to ensure that any one I brought on board had the same or better knowledge than me and, more importantly, the same passion for the inspection profession that I have.”

Fortunately, Paul Duey came on board in 2006. “Paul used to work for a West Island builder of residential homes and is very well versed in home construction. He is also a former painting contractor and has a thirst for knowledge about homes that is unparalleled. He also took and aced the Home Inspection course given at Vanier College.”